Greetings from Head of Honours Academy

Back in February 2020, under the leadership of by Professor Hui and Dr Fong, and with the support of the founding Secretariat team, Cannon, Winnie and Sucre, Jeanne, Esther and I brought a noble idea nurtured by President Ho to fruition. Empowered by Joanne, Nicole, Alison, Grace, Candy, the HA team witnessed the birth of the fourth cohort, and also the graduation of our inaugural cohort.

At the very heart of the HA experience lies our firm belief in the power of family. We are more than highly-motivated individuals striving for excellence; we are a tight-knit community that fosters deep connections, nurtures personal growth, and cherishes the bonds that tie us together. In the HA, we find a home where we can be our authentic selves, celebrate one another’s achievements, and find solace and inspiration in times of challenge.

When one of us sheds tears, the HA family stands united, offering a shoulder to lean on. 

When one achieves success, the HA family takes pride, applauding in the front rows. 

As we embark on this journey, we are blessed with a multitude of resources that fortify our family bonds. We first extend our sincere thanks to a league of accomplished leaders from various industries who serve as Professional Fellows, guiding our HA students in their career aspirations and life goals. We also express our gratitude to our esteemed Academic Fellows and research supervisors, the distinguished scholars within HSUHK, who mentor our HA students on research projects, sharpening their intellect and preparing them to address societal challenges. Also, we appreciate the support from HSUHK’s administrative and academic units, without whom the HA curriculum and activities would not be possible.

Now, I invite each of you to join our HA family where you will definitely be amazed by our spirit of togetherness and family connections that will endure after graduation. Together, let us build a legacy of family bonding that transcends time, shaping not only our present, but also the future of the HA, and our society. 

Welcome to the Honours Academy—a place where dreams take flight, and family bonds flourish.

Dr Holly Chung
Head of Honours Academy