2024-03-21Honours Academy Students Awarded Second Runner-up & Honourable Mention (Innovativeness) in the HSUHK FinTech x ChatGPT: HSUHK’s Innovation Project Competition 2024Centre for Teaching and Learning
2023-11-30Honours Academy Welcomes 4th Cohort Students Erudition
2023-11-30Honours Academy Pre-teens Financial Literacy Workshop Erudition
2023-09-29Honours Academy Students Embrace Overseas Experiential LearningErudition
2023-09-29Honours Academy Public LecturesErudition
2023-09-29Honours Academy Student Awarded HSBC Scholarships and the 1st Runner Up in the Industrial System Engineering Management Innovation Project Competition 2023Erudition
2023-05-31HA Activities: Western Dining Etiquette Workshop and Visit to HKEXErudition
2023-05-04Honours Academy Student Awarded Two Scholarships and Represented All Awardees to Deliver a Vote of Thanks to the DonorsHSUHK
2023-03-31HA Professsional Fellow Dr Allan Zeman’s Seminar and HA Singapore Global Immersion Programme Erudition
2023-03-31HSUHK Honours Academy Awarded Link University Scholarship 2022Erudition
2023-03-30Honours Academy Students Awarded 2nd Runner-up & Honourable Mention (Proposal Write-up) in the HSUHK Innovation Project Competition 2023Centre for Teaching and Learning
2023-01-31HSUHK Honours Academy Nurtures Future Public LeadersErudition
2023-01-20Student Experience – Honours AcademyHSUHK Review 2021-2022
2022-12-16恒大榮譽學院 政商界猛人當星級導師 星島日報
2022-12-16恒生大學設榮譽學院培訓領袖學生 女生跟前行會召集人林煥光學習 香港01
2022-12-16恒大推榮譽學院培訓未來領袖 首屆學生稱過程中發掘自身長處 TOPick
2022-12-16 恒大榮譽學院 政商界猛人當星級導師 巴士的報
2022-11-30Honours Academy Welcomes 3rd Cohort Students Erudition
2022-11-30Community Service Project – Honours Academy x BGCA: BE SMART – Children Financial Literacy Workshop Erudition
2022-11-30Honours Academy Student Awarded HSBC Scholarships Erudition
2022-09-30Honours Academy Visited the West Kowloon Cultural DistrictErudition
2022-09-30First Honours Academy SymposiumErudition
2022-07-29Honours Academy Visited the New Hang Seng Central BranchErudition
2022-04-01Honours Academy student shares her insights at the Opening Forum of the HSUHK Hybrid Careers Fair 2022 HSUHK
2022-03-24Student Development and Achievements – Honours AcademyHSUHK Brochure
2022-03-03Honours Academy Students Awarded Champion, Honourable Mentions (Relevance & Impact) and Honourable Mentions (Presentation) in the HSUHK Social Innovation Competition 2022 Centre for Teaching and Learning
2021-12-28Student Experience – Honours AcademyHSUHK Review 2020-2021
2021-11-30HSUHK’s Honours Academy – Inauguration Ceremony of the Second CohortErudition
2021-07-30Honours Academy Students Won the Championship and the Technological Innovation Award in the HSUHK x SCMP Entrepreneurship Challenge 2021Erudition
2021-07-01Visit from Crown Worldwide Holdings LtdErudition
2021-06-16Crown Worldwide Group Visit To HSUHKHSUHK
2021-05-28HSUHK Entrepreneurship Day 2021HSUHK
2021-03-23Teacher-student Collaborative Research Published in Academy of Asian Business ReviewErudition
2021-03-12Honours Academy student shares his insights at the Opening Forum of the HSUHK Hybrid Careers Fair 2021 HSUHK
2021-02-25Honours Academy Students Awarded Honourable Mentions (Proposal Write-up) in the HSUHK Social Innovation Competition 2021 Centre for Teaching and Learning
2020-11-27HSUHK Launches the First Honours Academy in Hong KongErudition
2020-10-09恒生大學榮譽學院舉辦啟動禮 致力培養有國際視野人才香港商報網
2020-08-03香港首所榮譽學院 致力培育未來領袖星島日報
2020-05-30HSUHK Pioneers the Honours Academy to Nurture Future LeadersErudition