HA Symposium 2021/22

(refer to the booklet and the photo album for more highlights)

Date: 2 Jul 2022
Time: 2:30pm-4:30pm
Venue: Fung Yiu King Hall, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong

The first-ever HA Symposium marked a milestone in the year-long HA4001 Senior Research Project journey undertaken by six Honours Academy (HA) students. 

On 4 July 2022, Ray CHAN, Fanny CHEUNG, Lauren LIN, Tom TANG, Brandon WU, and Stella YAP presented their interdisciplinary research projects at the HA Symposium. These HA first-cohort members devoted over a year to their HA4001 Senior Research Project, experiencing the entire research journey from devising and revising their research proposals, reviewing literature, conducting qualitative and/ or quantitative research, analysing the data, examining implications and making recommendations. These six young researchers set the bar considerably high for the upcoming HA4001 students, impressing the audience with their wide-ranging topics and impactful findings from investment behaviors, work-life balance of auditors, online learning platforms, music consumptions on the social media, to audio news in the form of podcasts.

Organised annually for each batch of HA4001 senior students to literally take the stage and present their research findings, this first HA Symposium in 2022 welcomed Prof Simon HO (President, HSUHK), the HA Board members, and our HA Academic Fellows to not only witness the fruits borne by our HA students, but more importantly to ask scholarly questions to challenge our young scholars! All the words of wisdom shared by the audience could further inspire our HA students to refine their research project, taking it to the next level!

Dr Tom FONG (Co-Chairman of the HA Board and Vice-President, Organisational Development, HSUHK), Prof Jeanne FU (Head of the HA) and Ms Esther LEE (Associate Head of the HA), were invited to form a panel in which they had one of the most challenging tasks: to judge and decide on the Best Presenter Award. Stella YAP and Tom TANG, working as a team, took home the Award, while the other four student presenters shone with their unique and respective merits on stage as well.

At the end of the HA Symposium, Prof YV Hui (Co-Chairman of the HA Board, and Provost and Vice President, Academic and Research, HSUHK), on behalf of the HA, expressed his gratitude to the six HA 4001 supervisors who worked alongside our HA students on the entire research journey.

Six HA Students were presenting their interdisciplinary research projects to the Academic Fellows and HA4001 Senior Research Project Supervisors.

Prof YV Hui (Co-Chairman of the HA Board, and Provost and Vice President, Academic and Research, HSUHK), on behalf of the HA, presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the six HA4001 Senior Research Project Supervisors.

Stella YAP and Tom TANG received the Best Presenter Award from Dr Tom FONG (Co-Chairman of the HA Board and Vice-President, Organisational Development, HSUHK).

Student NameProgrammeTopic Supervisor NameDepartment
CHAN Tsz Chun,
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in
Applied and Human-Centred Computing
Online Learning Platforms as An Alternative Solution for Talent Shortage in IT Industry: From an Employment PerspectiveDr Eko LIAOManagement
CHEUNG Sum Fung,
Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in
Professional Accountancy
Perspective of Work-life Balance in the AuditProf Kevin LAMAccountancy
LIN Wenjia,
Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in
Financial Analysis
Audio News in a High-choice Online Environment: A Qualitative Research on News Podcasters in Hong KongDr Gary TANGSocial Science
Bachelor of Management Science and Information Management (Honours)
Music Consumptions on YouTube: How Individual Seasonality Change and Mood Management Affect Music Preferences

(These two HA students obtained the Student Independent Research Fund from the University Research Committee)
Dr Christine CHOYArt and Design
YAP Shu Lin,
Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in
Corporate Governance and Compliance
Dr Holly CHUNG English
WU BrandonBachelor of Science (Honours) in
Data Science and Business Intelligence
The Investment Behaviors of University Students in Hong KongDr Carisa YUMathematics, Statistics and Insurance